Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy Statement


Rosyth Football Club Safety Statement


The Club seeks to achieve a level of operational excellence where health and safety,

alongside other equally important business considerations, creates a culture of total

commitment from every person in the undertaking.


The club management recognises and accepts its responsibilities to spectators,

visitors, contractors and staff to provide a safe and healthy environment whilst on the



The Club recognises and accepts its responsibilities as an employer

and host for providing: -

A safe place of work.

 A safe system of operation.

 Safe interface and control of spectators.

 Safe equipment, plant and equipment.

 A safe and healthy environment.


Because people are our biggest asset the club considers it extremely important that

each person works in a spirit of cooperation to achieve and maintain the highest standard of health and safety.

This is extremely important with part-time and volunteer personnel.

This Safety Management System (SMS) is published so that every person working in

the club can read and understand their duties and responsibilities in health and safety.

More particularly, it is a comprehensive way of working that aims to keep everyone safe whilst entering, staying and leaving the premises.

The club is totally committed to this policy and asks everyone to put in the same

commitment to make Rosyth Football Club a safe and healthy place to visit and work. Your efforts will help make the Club a sports leader in the field where players,

spectators and staff know safety and excellence go hand in hand.


All incidents, near misses and hazards should be reported without exception.

For this to work successfully there must be a “no blame” culture.

People must be free to report without fear of any reaction except that of improvement.

All reported information is good because the Club needs to remedy any shortfall in

its systems.

Having an opportunity to improve BEFORE something goes wrong is always

preferable to the stable door and bolting horse.



Very simply put our policy is: -

“Everything we do, we will do safely– or we won’t do it!”